Our services are geared toward:
Advertising Agencies

Import & Export Agencies



Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Police Forces


Probation Services


Social & Welfare services

H.M. Prisons

Solicitors' Firms


Television & Film industries

Housing Associations

Translation Agencies

Educational Institutions

and more ...

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GHARWEG Advice, Training & Career Centre
Gharweg provides advisory services and employment training programmes aimed at providing skills to integrate Black, Minority & Ethnic (BMC/BAME) Communities in London. We run ESOL, Literacy & Numeracy classes for our communities. In addition we have development awareness sessions on poverty alleviations on Third World issues.

Website: www.gharweg.org | Email: gharweg@aol.com  | Tel: 0207 620 1430

Afrosupport Project
- To rehabilitate our youth/adults who are involved in drug related problems.
- Support the parents of the affected youths.
- Liase with religious organisations, probation officers and rehabilitation institutions.
- Counsel and advisory assistance to inmates.
Tel: 0207 237 7778.