Our services are geared toward:
Advertising Agencies

Import & Export Agencies



Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Police Forces


Probation Services


Social & Welfare services

H.M. Prisons

Solicitors' Firms


Television & Film industries

Housing Associations

Translation Agencies

Educational Institutions

and more ...

How We Work

We run a specialist language service using freelance translators recruited from a wide pool of languages. Our extensive network means that we can usually provide even the most complex language speakers quickly and efficiently. All our translators are assessed according to professional criteria and comply with our in-house standards of professional accuracy and confidentiality.

We conduct regular checks on our work for layout and linguistic accuracy. We also aim to produce high quality text that edits out additions and repetitions to a professional specification.

Before sending you a CRITERION representative we will have spoken to you in order to identify the exact language required. We shall have established the fact that the Interpreter/Translator matches the dialect of the language needed. Thus, our clientele eliminate unnecessary costly mistakes, embarrassments, inconveniences, repetitive work and delays.

The CRITERION approach is to provide professional linguistic mediation between our clients (including government agencies such as courts, prisons, police stations, airports, seaports, social and health services) and their clients (end users). We do so within an equal opportunities policy and strict code of confidentiality which respects the end users rights and integrity at the same time as the client's business standards and practice.

Our excellence is a product of our insistence on the use of capable and conversant mother-tongue linguist translators. If necessary, these translators' own translations can be passed on to a second translator with both skill and experience in his or her respective subjects and disciplines for proof-reading against the original text. There is a constant liaison between clients and CRITERION to ensure jobs are carried out and completed to the client's satisfaction.

According to experience, each and every case passed on to CRITERION by our clients is treated on its own merits. In addition to the existing register of representatives, we carry out a thorough search nation-wide and within the E.U., to match the respective language group of a people, dialect and accent.
The mere fact that a person belongs to a language group and is able to speak English is not sufficient ground to carry out CRITERION services. We go beyond the conventional requirements and scrutinise our Interpreters' / Translators' ability, proficiency, sense of carefulness and perseverance in carrying out duties and tasks, reliability and trustworthiness.