Our services are geared toward:
Advertising Agencies

Import & Export Agencies



Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Police Forces


Probation Services


Social & Welfare services

H.M. Prisons

Solicitors' Firms


Television & Film industries

Housing Associations

Translation Agencies

Educational Institutions

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Why Us

Our Values  |  Why We Are Different  |  Why Choose Criterion


Criterion is a value-based professional organization. We believe in helping to promote a multicultural society in which those whose first language is not European have equal access to public services and can maximize the use of their productive skills  to advance a healthy and productive society.

We believe the provision of a professional language service to the statutory authorities which is delivered with impartiality and respect will ultimately facilitate greater understanding and a better enabling environment.

Criterion is dedicated to facilitating genuine communication and interaction between the beneficiary clients who are sometimes in a desperate plight, and the statutory agencies with whom they come into contact.

Before sending you a CRITERION representative, we will have spoken to you in order to obtain the necessary information so that we are able to identify the exact language required. We shall have established the fact that the Interpreter/Translator matches the dialect of a given language needed. Thus our clientele eliminate unnecessary costly mistakes, embarrassments, inconveniences, repetitive work and delays.

We envisage that many of your clients (end-users) will be immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and we feel that our unique understanding of their circumstances (which are often complex) will enable us to best represent their situation.