Our services are geared toward:
Advertising Agencies

Import & Export Agencies



Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Police Forces


Probation Services


Social & Welfare services

H.M. Prisons

Solicitors' Firms


Television & Film industries

Housing Associations

Translation Agencies

Educational Institutions

and more ...

Why Us

On top of our priorities we serve to remove impediments to communications.
  • We uphold the right to be understood as one Fundamental Human Right. 
  • We strive to achieve a two-way communication in order to enable our clients/ lientele to provide a similar service to that provided to the indigenous population. This way, the discriminatory practices arising from language barriers are got-rid-of. Hence our clients/clientele are thus in their day to day duties of administering justice, equipped to offer an equal quality service to all their  customers regardless of  language, cultural  traditional and ethnic differences.
  • We are also very much aware of and sensitive to most  sensitive issues most likely to arise from race, gender and sexual, cultural, traditional ,and religious  matters.
  • Our clients  are enabled to avoid  falling into the dangerous zones of discrimination on improper grounds, of once again, race, language, ability, religion, gender, etc. etc. Instead, they feel free to provide an effective service to the targeted African community. In order for our clients to benefit from CRITERION Services, it is preferable if we are given four to seven days' notice of any given case prior to the job.
  • We carry out research to make sure that CRITERION representatives, are not closely related to or acquainted with our client's customers. This is all intended to avoid distorting and biasing a case that may be at hand. The overall purpose is to safeguard confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality. Hence we also endeavour to match the dialect of a required language.
  • We take the trouble to see that the miscarriage of justice does not become attributable to our own side due to providing a good competent interpreter to a wrong language as this could result to misunderstanding should a wrong dialect be put to use and consequentially distort the desired end.
  • We aim for People's, Human, Equal Rights and Justice and Equal Opportunities to and for All and not for Some.

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