Our services are geared toward:
Advertising Agencies

Import & Export Agencies



Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Police Forces


Probation Services


Social & Welfare services

H.M. Prisons

Solicitors' Firms


Television & Film industries

Housing Associations

Translation Agencies

Educational Institutions

and more ...

Why Us


CRITERION provides a much better service to the target group by focusing its attention upon  current political correctness with special regard to, and mainly, Social Awareness, Racial awareness and Social Exclusion from almost all walks of life, of the peoples of the African descent, the Africans, the Africans in diaspora, who live as a community or ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom. We focus upon them, as a manpower for CRITERION, especially because these are people who are well educated, skilled and experienced in a variety of disciplines. For instance, Linguists, Professional Interpreters and Translators, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Writers, Poets, Artists, Journalists and Broadcasters, Photographers and Film makers, Engineers, etc.

These African people are usually professionals living a life of long time unemployed people. Living a life of the underdogs and underprivileged . Life on the dole has almost cost them their confidence. CRITERION is out to assist and does indeed assist them to recover the latter through our in-house person to person training. Subsequently, they are turned into able and capable professional interpreters and translators in their respective
disciplines. Their competence is not a matter in question.

Try our services. As the old English adage instructs us all, "The proof of  the pudding is in the eating." This is therefore the group we target and recruit from. In other words, CRITERION provides for these people, a way out of the Social Welfare dependency.